Hagen VE MODX24 Vivarium Extension


Paul’s Reptile Den offers this extension vivarium as part of the very popular brand of vivariums. With many features available we are confident this vivarium is more than capable of housing your reptiles and exotic pets.

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TOUGHENED GLASS: All the glass used in our vivariums is toughened to BS6206A  kite marked standards. This toughened glass has up to 5 times its original strength, and  if broken, the glass breaks into small blunt fragments. Normal plate glass, if damaged,  breaks into sharp long shards. As the glass is used as sliding glass doors it is crucial  that only safety glass is used to prevent serious injury. We aim to conform to BS EN  14072:2003 for glass used along with furniture. VENTILATION: Each vivarium contains  the correct amount of ventilation to provide optimum temperature and humidity levels.  Ø65mm circular vents are positioned at both the top and bottom of the back panel  allowing a steady flow of air throughout the vivarium. Each vent contains a plentiful  number of holes which are big enough to allow air to flow in and out, but small enough to  prevent live foods from escaping.  ASSEMBLY: We have improved the self assembly  construction. All vivariums have fewer parts and nearly 50% less assembly fittings. This  means that assembly should take half the time and go together first time, allowing your  snakes, lizards and other reptiles to move into their new home quicker. SOLID BACK:  We believe that 3mm hardboard is not suitable for a professional vivarium. Its low  compression structure and paint or foil surface means a very short product lifespan. This  is why we use the same 15mm thick robust wood for all panels. When sealed, our  construction lasts many years longer than cheaper competitors. After all our solid back  panels are 5 times thicker!  CABLE ACCESS: Outlet points have been formed in the  edge of the back panel for cable management. Any size of plug or fitting can easily pass  through prior to securing the lid. To remove cables or replace, simply loosen the cams  and lift the lid. Cable access points are located at each end, along the top. Either point  can be easily closed with silicon if not required.

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Ellmau Beech, Tobacco Walnut, Winchester Oak


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